Tuesday, March 07, 2006

One Down....

Well, the first race of the season was held this weekend in Boulder, CO. The weather was beautiful (65deg) and lots of racers made for a great race. For those of you that race in Colorado, it was the Stazio criterium put on by the Denver-Boulder Couriers and the Tyler Hamilton Foundation. More info at www.dbcevents.com. Tyler actually raced as well. I think he placed top ten in the pro-1-2 event.

Anyway, I'm a Cat 4 racer as I generally only race road during the early season to help get some "high end work" on the bike. Last spring was my first entry into the road racing scene. Last year, criteriums proved to be a difficult proposition as I almost always got dumped out the back of the group.

Well, I went into this weekends race thinking that nothing would have changed in the off season. I figured that the best I would do was to make it halfway through with the lead group before I got spit off the back. Well, I notice that there are six laps to go and I'm still right up there. So I figure I have a chance during the sprint. On the lead up to the finish line, things get a little dicey. A guy in front of me goes down. I make an attempt to avoid him, but end up running over his wheel and off the road. I didn't go down, but my race was over. I was pretty happy that I stayed with the lead group and maybe next week I'll try to mix it up a little more.

In addition to racing, training has been going well. I've been getting plenty of volume and the end of February marked the end of my first build session. March looks like it will be a mix of intensity and volume.

Until next time, keep the rubber side down...


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